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Innovate Inclusion is a non-profit that advocates for the entrepreneurial success of underrepresented communities. We use an innovative approach to bring awareness and access to programs and services.


The State of Diversity Within Ontario Incubators

Innovate Inclusion conducted a first-of-its-kind scan on ethnic diversity within Ontario incubators. The objective of the report on The Current State of Diversity Within Ontario Incubators was to make recommendations designed to better support the challenges that underrepresented entrepreneurs face while launching and growing their business with a focus on technology.

Under represented communities we focused on included: African Canadian, Indigenous, and Latin Canadian.

Areas of interests that were considered included: Board of Directors/Advisory Boards, Executive and Strategic Growth Teams, Entrepreneurs in Residence, Advisors and Mentors, Programming.

The four incubators/accelerators included in the study were: Communitech, Invest Ottawa, MaRS, Ryerson’s DMZ.


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Innovate Inclusion believes that Canada’s innovation economy will gain strength when contributions from underrepresented communities are consciously targeted by and included within the incubators and accelerators environment. 


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